Create, Mint and Share NFTs with Ease!

Splot is a cutting-edge NFT platform integrated with the Millix Network. Our core mission at Splot is to empower users with a seamless and hassle-free experience when it comes to minting, creating, sharing, purchasing, and trading NFTs. It’s important to note that all NFTs minted on Splot are exclusively minted on the Millix Network. Unlike traditional blockchains, Millix operates as a Layer 1 Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) or Tangle Chain, offering exceptional speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Splot fully harnesses Millix’s capabilities to provide users with lightning-fast, scalable, and cost-effective NFT minting solutions.

Here’s what’s available to you right now:

  1. Minting: Transform your creations into NFTs with ease.
  2. AI Art Creation with Dall-E 2: Unleash the power of AI to craft captivating artworks.

Coming in our next update:

  1. Send NFTs within Splot Accounts: Share your masterpieces seamlessly with fellow Splot users.
  2. Receive NFTs within Splot Accounts: Experience the thrill of collecting art created by others.
  3. Send NFTs to Eternal NFT Wallet: Secure your digital assets for the long term.
  4. NFT Marketplace: List, purchase, and sell NFTs with Millix, opening doors to a world of artistic possibilities.
  5. Interface: UI/UX and responsiveness fixes.

In the near future:

  1. Unique NFT Wallet Addresses: Each account will be assigned a distinct NFT wallet address.
  2. Receive NFTs from External Accounts: Expand your art collection beyond Splot.
  3. Prompt Wizard Tool: Elevate the quality of your prompts with splot’s powerful prompt tool
  4. Integration of Other AI Models: Get ready for even more artistic experimentation with models like Leonardo.ai.

Our Goal:

Splot aspires to become the “kayak” of AI tools, a go-to hub for accessing the latest AI art tools across various platforms. We are dedicated to empowering our users with the most cutting-edge creative possibilities.

We can’t wait to see the incredible art you’ll bring to life on Splot. Welcome aboard!